Sunday, May 23, 2010

Exercising a little every day

This is my first blog and I wanted to start by talking about exercising. I know what your thinking, 'Oh no exercising, who can be bothered'. BUT it is so good for you. I wont go on about the health benefits because everyone knows already. Its just that it really is good to find the time to do even a little bit of exercise.
For me its walking - I love to walk in the fresh air, taking in the beautiful surroundings, looking at the trees, clouds, sky and of course things you pass by - like the dog running down the street.

I have committed to myself to try and walk for at least 20mins - 3 days a week.

I started last week and I must say the first day I started walking 5 mins into it, my calves were hurting and I was a little out of breathe. But I perserved and told myself ' I can do this', 'I need to do this', 'Its good for me' - so I did and I tell you what at the end of my walk, I felt so much more energetic and my muscles were relaxed.

So I would like to encourage each and everyone of you, find the time to do some exercise - no matter when or what you do as long as you are moving - your body will benefit from it.

I hope I have inspired and helped you to do some exercise.
Do you do any exercise? Let me know what you do and leave a comment!

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Anonymous said...

hey mum it is me your son i love you so much i love your blog so much i like your pictures on your blog i thkin you have lots of information especially your reviews.