Monday, May 24, 2010

Winter Skin - Dove Energy Glow Moisturiser Review

With winter only a few days away, you will no doubt start feeling a change in your skin. Mine is starting to go dry. I have combination skin and I am finding the dryness in my skin's t zone.

Skin produces less oil in winter which means your skin can go dry, flaky or rough. Its best to exfoliate once a week.

Your skin can also become more red due to the continual change from cold weather outside to indoor heating. A refreshing spritz can be good to cool the skin.

A moisturiser is very important to be applied everyday and night. At the moment I am using the Dove Energy Glow night moisturiser - I really like it, its great for my dry skin. It feels really nice, smooth and silky when applying. Its a vitamin enriched moisturiser which helps restore uneven and damaged skin cells. I wake up with my skin feeling refreshed.
Be sure to find a moisturiser that suits your skin and make sure you are using it this winter. You can let me know in the comments what you are using!

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