Monday, June 7, 2010

Compeed Cold Sore Patch review

Cold sores appear anytime, anywhere!

I recently tried Compeed Cold Sore Patches and must say they are quite good. I was reluctant at the start because I didn't think they would work, but I was surprised.

The Compeed pack has a mirror which makes it convenient and easy to apply anywhere. The patch does feel a little weird - like you've got sticky tape on your lips - but after a few minutes you get use to it and you wont even notice that it there.
My cold sore was pretty much gone in about 5 days.

The patch protects and heals the cold sore by reducing the redness, itching, scabbing and swelling that you normally get with a cold sore.Once you put the patch on it is hard to see the cold sore and you can easily apply lipstick over the patch, which is great.

Do you suffer from cold sores? Have you tried these? Leave a comment!

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Anonymous said...

i shall be honest and say nope never tried them but will go and get some cos i trust ya (no i think i am getting 1 now) bugger :-( gosh i really hate cold sores they suck!

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