Friday, June 25, 2010

Find YOUR Inspiration!

Where do you get your inspiration from?  It could be anyone or anything that inspires you. Your parents, siblings, children, authors, teachers, co - workers, or a book you read, a quote, a blog, a story etc............

The most influential and inspirational people in our lives will affect and shape the way we live and think. I get inspired by others who make great achievements as it helps me know that if they can do it, then I can do it.

I love  inspirational quotes of the day books, that give you something to think about each day. If you need it buy one. They will help you to focus on something different everyday.
The best motivation comes from within us. You must motivate yourself everyday.

True happiness comes from within YOU.  As in any situation, your reaction determines whether the event is stressful for you or not. It is the same with happiness.

Every morning, say to yourself, "I am happy today", then you will be. Whenever you get stressed, just mentally tell yourself"I am happy today", the stress will be there, but your reaction will be minimal.
That person who always has a smile and goes about his day happily, wont experience stress the same way that a stressed person does. He is happy, and being happy allows the stress make less of a impact on you.

So, make your determination every morning. Remind yourself with sticky notes all over the house and at work ' I AM HAPPY TODAY'
Say it aloud to yourself often throughout the day, especially on those days where there may be stress. If you keep on saying it, you will believe it.
Then, put a smile on your face and confront the world. When you are happy, you have the world in your hands and can achieve anything YOU want to!

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Connect2Mums said...

Gorgoeus post Dannii! So cheery & bright! : ) Love it!

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