Thursday, June 24, 2010

Loreal Derma Genesis Day Cream Review

I have found a fantastic day cream that I am loving at the moment. Its the Loreal Derma Genesis Day cream with spf 15.

I love the texture of the moisturiser, its a soft, creamy, velvety feel that glides on my skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth. It absorbs really quickly into the skin and you dont need much, one pump is enough to cover the face. ( this may differ for each person)

It also gives the skin a nice glow, and my complexion appears more even in tone. The SPF is included in the moisturiser which is great, but its only SPF 15 which isn't much so you should wear a sunscreen on top in hot weather.

This day cream contains pro-xylane, which is a naturally derived ingredient that helps to stimulate cellular renewal, which helps give the skin a silky glow. Overall I am happy with this day cream and it really does make a difference wearing it. I recommend this to anyone looking for a great day cream.

The retail price is $31.95

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