Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Sisters Keeper review

I watched this movie My Sisters Keeper on dvd last night and must say what a great storyline it has. Its a story about a family who have a son and daughter, but learn that their daughter Kate has leaukemia.

After this they conceive a third child Anna who is genetically made to provide a bone marrow, blood and other medical stuff to her sister Kate.
The time comes when Kate needs a kidney, however Anna who is 11 years old,  is tired of donating body materials to her sister and its all just too much.

The movie does well to show the love of a family for each other and the complexities of the relationships within. The films goes back and forth showing different times in their lives, which helps us understand their circumstances. There are so many great times in Kates life, even the experience of her first love Taylor who is also a patient and how understanding they are of each other - is so beautiful to watch!

There are so many decisions this family has to make that it affects every single person in the family.
With every scene shown you learn about each family member and the ways they struggle with the whole situation.

Anna narrates the story and she is the one who finds a lawyer to sue her parents to be able to become medically emancipated. All characters are so important in this movie the mother, father, brother and sister.

Its such a beautiful, sad, angry, touching movie and seeing how everyone is affected is a emotional experience. Its definitely a great movie to see.

If you have you seen it what did you think? Leave a comment.

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