Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Olio clock - rapido dual time LCD digital travel alarm clock review

I chose this very sleek, elegant Olio rapido dual time LCD digital travel alarm clock to review from Disclaimer - I chose this product to review from My review is 100% honest and not influenced by the company supplying me with the free product.

It is a very handy and convenient travel clock to have. It is just a little bigger than a mobile phone.
It has a decent size LCD screen, a elegant silver/black finish, a alarm clock with a snooze function, and a day and date function. You can set it to a 12 hr or 24hr time. It has a blue electronic backlight that you can turn on with the touch of the base. It requires one AAA battery.

My husband loves it as well for its convenience and that you can take it with you whereever you go. It would make a great desk clock for anywhere too. It would also be a great present for anyone.  We travel at least twice a year and this is definitely a must have.

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