Monday, June 21, 2010

ORLY Nailpolish review

I only recently came to discover the nailpolishes by ORLY. Hadn't heard of them before, I like using my usual revlon, or maybelline type of nailpolishes.
I recently got the Pixie Dust color (#40710) which is a shimmery color in the Orly nailpolish - Once upon a time collection. It is a baby blue color with grey in it to make it a bluey - greyy color.

When you apply the nailpolish it comes out watery/weak,  but builds color as you apply more. I applied two coats to get a good coverage and color.

I'm impressed with the result. The color and coverage is great. This particular color has a little shimmer in it, noticeable when you look at it closely. Orly have lots of different collections, with many beautiful matte, creme, and shimmery colors. This nailpolish didn't start chipping until about day 7 which is the only nailpolish that lasts that long from what I've tried so far.

I'd probably buy one or two more colors to add to my collection.

They are only sold in pharmacies or salons and retail for $18.95.

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New Outlook Fitness said...

so i officially die for this colour x

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