Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Praise your children or anyone really, everyday!

It is so important to praise your children.  Praise is such a great way of telling them how good they are, and we all need that. It helps build behaviour and self esteem. Make sure you put a little thought and care in how you praise.

There are different ways to praise children ( and adults too)

1 is Descriptive praise - this is where you actually describe what you are praising, eg "well done you have done a really good thing by tidying your room and putting everything back where it should be, it is so nice to walk in to the room now".

2 is Summary praise  - this is where you summarise their best behaviours with one word. eg "thats great that you cleaned up the play area without me asking you, you are a clever boy".  Clever being the word.

3 is Self praise - get them into the habit of praising themselves.  eg "I am so happy you tried your hardest to do well on your maths test, are you happy with yourself?". This helps them think 'yeah I am happy with myself', therefore they are self praising themselves.

As adults it is so important to be positive, praise, motivate, encourage anyone you know. Simple words like
Your great, Your so special, Way to go, I knew you could do it, Your fantastic, Your excellent,  Your beautiful, Your important, Super job, Your a good friend, Your awesome........

So make sure you praise your children, Self praise and praise someone will make a difference to you and the person you are praising!

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