Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fisher Price Walker to Wagon Review

I bought this Fisher Price Walker to Wagon for my 10 month old daughter from Kmart for $29 last week. I thought that was a great buy.( Toy sales are great aren't they?)  She absolutely loves it.

She is crawling everywhere and starting to stand up on her knees. So at the moment she is sitting in front of it playing with all the colorful and interesting features it has. They are the big spinning beads, a clicking dial, a roller ball to spin, jingle ball to bat, and colourful pages with friendly characters to flip. There are also 3 colourful shapes that can be dropped through the lift-up door. This is great as it develops her motor skills, coordination and can identify colors and shapes.

The day will quickly come when she will be able to hold on to the handle and walk around with it. It also turns into a wagon so that it can be dragged around. I think this is great you can get more use out of it.

So if you need one this is great and I recommend it!

Did/do your children use a walker?

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