Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kick it to me - Jack plays soccer book Review

My 7 year old son recently read a book called
Kick it to me - Jack plays soccer. He absolutely loves this book. 

It is a childrens book about a boy called Jack whose dad teaches him the basic skills of kicking and dribbling a soccer ball. Jack is so excited and his success makes him feel confident to handle the soccer ball on his own.

After reading this book my son was practising the soccer moves and told his dad he wants to play in the park on the weekend.

What a great book that encourages kids to go outside and try the soccer moves themselves.

Play Valley Kids is a fantastic site that is all about playing sports, having fun and, for parents, getting involved in kids play time. The website has tips, skills and drills, as well as free colour-in pictures to download, and  games and videos coming soon to their website.

So be sure to check them out and you can purchase the book Kick it to me - Jack plays soccer, on
the Play Valley Kids website too.

Does your child like playing sports?


Mike Griffin said...

Hi DanniiBeauty, I stumbled onto your blog after running a few searches online around childrens book. Thankyou for supporting Jack Plays Soccer, I thought i would drop you a line to update you that Jack is back. Pass It Here, Jack's first soccer practice is the next installment. It's due to hit book shops soon and we are busy getting little video clips and more skills added to the site.

DanniiBeauty said...

@Mike Griffin - Thanks so much for stopping by. Thats fantastic that Pass it here will be available soon. I will definitely check it out and let you know how I go. Alternatively you can email me at - to keep me informed, how you go with your site and the updates.

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