Monday, July 19, 2010

My passion! Where will my blog take me.........

I love to write and read. Since high school I was interested in reading books, mostly fiction books, but I just loved that someone could put all their thoughts on paper and create it into a story. I read a lot of books. It took me about a week to read one book, usually in the evenings before going to bed. I loved that I could be immersed in another world, the books world. I loved going to the library, surrounded by so much story telling.

I also like writing. I loved the subject English, my favorite was writing essays. Once the teacher would set us a topic, ideas just fluttered around in my head. I couldn't wait to put it all down on paper. Mainly it was being able to tell my story, my ideas, my views that intrigued me the most about writing. As a teenager, I kept a journal. I loved it, I wrote in it everyday. I wrote about everything, what I thought, what I was feeling, what I liked and disliked. There were times where I thought that I would one day want to write a book. This can still be achieved.

I love researching and writing about what I find. I have a little 'journalist me', in me and I like to think that through my blog I get to use that. After getting married, buying a house and having kids, all my passions, have been placed on standstill.

But through my blog I feel that I am igniting what I have always wanted to do. Write, research, read, tell the world what I think. The opportunities are endless from here, my blog is my first step..... from here I am meeting a lot of inspirational people and learning so much.

One day wherever this blog may take me, I will know that I did my best!

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