Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What inspires you?

Unfortunately these days there is a lot of doubt, negativity and lost hope. However if we focus on positivity and what inspires us, you can change everything. I was wondering the other day what inspires me?

Learning something new inspires me. Whether it is a new skill I learn, or just a new fact. It inspires me. Looking at nauture, a beautiful waterfall or mountain inspires me. My children are my inspiration, I love seeing them grow and am inspired that I teach them a whole lot about life.

Writing a blog inspires me to think about a wide range of issues and to develop a perspective on them, which is satisfying knowing that I have shared something with someone.  I also like to think that once in a while I am able to share news, an idea, or an interesting fact that is helpful to someone.

Thinking about what inspires you, gives you a goal. It gives you a positive and constructive passion to grasp onto and live out your dreams. The more you strive toward that goal, the more positive person you can become. It can be something small, or what others might find insignificant.
No matter what inspires you, think about it and be positive. There is so much to do in life that if you dont you will miss out on so much. So be passionate, be inspired and be positive. You can achieve anything.
What inspires you?

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