Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Review: Naturally Better by Kristen Morrison

I came across a fantastic book titled Naturally Better by Kristen Morrison. This book is about Kristen and her family, their ongoing battles that they face in finding natural ways to help her son who has Down Syndrome.

It is such a inspirational, heartfelt and empowering story that you will just keep on reading and won't be able to put it down. Kristen has written this book that is easy to read in much detail about her feelings and experiences she faced whilst doing a lot of research and therapies for her son. This book shows every parent that with courage and determination,  there is a lot that can be done ourselves to help the health of all children and create the best future for them. Kristen only wants what is best for her son, and so she has used every resource she could in finding how to best help her son without drugs but rather with natural methods.

I highly recommend this book to ALL parents - a must read, a beautiful story about a mothers love for her child, the lengths she has gone to get help and find what is best. This book is about her personal opinions, research, findings and thoughts that she has written and expressed. She is a mother who is a warrior and advocate for natural therapies, that have helped her son.
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