Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to be happy?

I love butterflies -they are beautiful and delicate!

Do you ever feel low or down? There are simple things to do to make you feel happy.

1. Exercise  - some light exercise as simple as a walk can give you a boost.
2. Music - listening to some music can help put some energy back in your body and get you moving.
3. Be positive - Think of all the great things in your life, children, family, home etc dont dwell on the past.
4. Visualize - Seeing a picture of a great holiday destination, or a picture of your favorite animal.
5. Talk to someone - talk to a friend, collegue, online friends anyone that can cheer you up.

Its so easy to feel unhappy, but dont let this happen to you. Life is so full of surprises that we just need to keep on going and be positive!

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