Friday, August 6, 2010

Jeans for Genes day 6th August 2010 - Show your support!

 Jeans for Genes is a major fundraiser of the Children's Medical Research Institute.

This includes Jeans for Genes Day, events, exhibitions and other Fundraising events throughout the year.

Chances are you probably know someone who has a genetic disease, because one in twenty children are born with some form of genetic fault. There are children with leukaemia, muscular dystrophy, genetic defects and many other disorders.

The scientists at the Children’s Medical Research Institute are working to try to prevent these diseases before they occur in our children, or where that is not possible to develop better treatments. The Children’s Medical Research Institute is an independent organisation committed to unlocking the mysteries of disease. Scientists investigate conditions such as birth defects, cancer, and epilepsy.

What a fantastic cause to support! Make sure you buy a Jeans for Genes day badge from a retailer to show your support.

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