Sunday, August 1, 2010

Maybelline Shinesensational Lipgloss Review

I recently bought some Maybelline Shinesensational Lipglosses that were released in July 2010 in Australia. I grabbed two of them the first one is number 40 Berry Bella and the second one was number 10 freshly sliced.

As the names suggest they are based on flavors and have a beautiful smell to them which makes them unique and special!

The Berry Bella (40) does have a subtle berry smell and the Freshly Sliced (10) has a fresh watermelony smell. Delicious! (not that you would eat them of course!!!) They have a few in the range to choose from, some shimmery ones too.

The packaging is cute with the gold letters and fresh fruit pictures, very appealing. Great size to have to put in your pocket, bag, car, anywhere really. The tube is easy to squeeze to get the product out.

They are a sheer lipgloss, so there is not much color payoff, but are a shiny lipgloss. They are great over a lipstick as it will bring the color to shine. But if your after a lipgloss that has some color payoff then this is not the one. This feels great when you apply it, smooth and soft application and your lips feel texturised and smooth.

Overall a great lipgloss to have for a shiny lipgloss finish. They retail for $10.95 available in most department stores in Australia.  I have a video review of these lipglosses on my You Tube Channel

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