Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Silent Reflux- do you know what it is?

I didn't even know about silent reflux until I had my baby girl, my second child. She is 11mths old now and doing great, but I just wanted to share this incident with you:

I was awoken at 12:05am by a high shrieking cry from my 9 week old baby girl. I rushed to her room only to see her with her mouth covered in bubbles and it looked like more bubbling was coming out of her mouth, while she was struggling to breathe and cope with it. I picked her up and she was still struggling to stop this bubbling that was still coming out of her mouth. Everytime she took a breath the bubbles would go back in her throat which made her choke as she tried to spit it out. I woke my husband and I rang the ambulance. The 000 operator told me to put my finger in her mouth and try to scrape away the water/bubbling stuff and put her on her side and not pat her back. We did exactly what he told us and although my baby was struggling she was crying - which is a good sign - the operator stayed on the phone until the ambulance officers came. Took them 17 mins. they checked her out and everything was fine , heart beat fine, clear lungs, no temperature. this all subsided within about 5 mins or so after they arrived. we then picked her up and she seemed fine and content. My body inside was shaking and anxious throughout the whole thing, but I kept it together on the outside for my little girl. what a scare! They didn't know what had happened only that maybe she is coming down with a cold or may have reflux. Yes she does have silent reflux.

Silent reflux is when your baby is spitting up but instead of it leaving through the mouth, it is swallowed by the baby which gives them a burning feeling in their stomach. This can happen a few times a day. Other symptoms are gagging, choking or burping more than usual.  I have been trying to get more information on silent reflux and what it is, and how to treat it. I have come across a great site RISA - Reflux Infants Support Association Inc. which has lots of information and great to support parents.

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