Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tips on using eyeliners

I love eyeliner and the way it looks on any eye. However I haven't been using eyeliner much, so I want to start using it again. If your like me and want to start using eyeliner again here are a few tricks and tips.

A few tricks to applying eyeliner:
1.Liquid liners are great but require a steady hand so practice, practice, practice,and you will get it right.
2.Pencils liners are easier to fix, have a wet cotton bud handy.
3.Applying eyeliner in short strokes rather than in one long one as this helps to control the amount and way you are applying.
4. Once you sharpen your eye pencil, gently rub the end on a dry tissue to soften it, hence making it easier to draw/use.

Depending on what type of look you want, you can choose:
Liquid eyeliner to create strong, well defined lines.
Pencil liners are better when you want a softer, smudgier effect.
Creamy pencils create a strong line and can also be smudged into a smokier look.

Do you use a eyeliner?

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