Saturday, August 28, 2010

Your ONE years old baby girl !

This week was my daughters first birthday! Can't believe how quickly the first year has gone. I remember when I was pregnant and getting ready to start my maternity leave, I couldn't wait. Mainly because I was so tired and sore all the time!

The day came for my baby girl to be born, the most miraculous feeling ever, and even better was when she met her big brother. Its so beautiful to see them bonding, playing and looking out for each other.

Everyday is the most beautiful day, to watch her grow, develop and learn something new each day.

I cried the day of her birthday! (course I did) They were happy tears knowing my baby girl has made it through her first year.... and yes I will cry on all her birthdays, tears of happiness!

Such a great joy, knowing that I can love my two children so much, protect them and learn along with them!

What do you cherish the most about your childrens birthdays?

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