Friday, September 10, 2010

Do you get enough sleep?

In the last few weeks I haven't had much sleep. I'm too busy to sleep!  I get most things done in the evenings and most nights end up going to bed after midnight. I know its not good for my body, because I feel fatigued, the next day and dont have much energy.

Sleep gives the brain a chance to reorganize information to find answers to problems, to process new information, and to organize and archive memories.  Sleep is such an important bodily function, and even though we might put off going to sleep, eventually sleep will take over, as I have discovered! 

Sleep has a healing effect in that it gives our bodies and minds time to rejuvenate, reenergize, and restore. Sleep is a type of unconsciousness and is a state of being unaware of the world. How much sleep should a person get each night? Depends. Some people need a great deal of sleep, while others require only a minimum of sleep. We need to get the amount of sleep necessary to feel alert, healthy, and  fit. The average person maintains his health with about eight hours of sleep. Having dreams while you are sleeping  is actually good for your health too.

Not enough sleep can cause a drop in performance, lack of concentration, lapses in memory, accidents and injuries, behavior and mood problems.

The benefits of sleep are that sleep helps to repair your body, keep your heart healthy, keeps your skin looking refreshed, reduces stress, improves your memory, can help you to control your body weight.

Sleep is essential to good health as it refreshes the body and the mind. If you get enough sleep regularly every night you will feel and also be able to work better.

Do you get enough sleep?

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