Friday, September 17, 2010

Do your nails need help? Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, Instant Nail Hardener Review

Lately my nails have been really bad. They are soft, splitting, flaky and very hard to manage. I went down to my local Priceline store and after looking for some time, found the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, Instant Nail Hardener.

This is exactly what my nails needed. It is a nail hardener which prevents nails from breaking, splitting, cracking or peeling.

It has titanium and micro-diamond formula which instantly bonds to strengthen and seal fragile nail layers with a shatterproof, protective shield. It really does this. As soon as I applied this to my nails, and it dried, which didn't take very long, I felt my nails instantly harder. I felt that they were protected. I applied two coats. Then I use a color nailpolish as a topcoat. I really love this now, its helping my nails be stronger!

It definitely locks in moisture to nourish and help stop breaking, so my nails can grow. I would recommend this to anyone that needs help with their nails. It retails for $16.95.

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