Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Handy Manny: A Very Handy Holiday DVD Review

My kids were very excited to be able to watch and review Handy Manny: A Very Handy Holiday.

In this movie,  Manny and his tools learn about the meaning of Christmas, Hannukkah and New Year's eve. Manny and his tools learn about working together, giving and receiving presents, spending time together and helping each other.

There are two episodes on the DVD and they are full of fun, dancing, singing, and Manny speaking a little Spanish. The DVD also has two bonus episodes of another Playhouse Disney show "My Friends, Tigger and Pooh"

My one year old, loved the music, she was dancing along to it, and my seven year old was happy with the way the movie was presented and liked what he learnt.

This DVD will make a great Christmas present!

Handy Manny: A Very Handy Holiday DVD is available in stores from 3rd November 2010.

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