Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to get energy?

Do you feel tired all the time?
Do you feel like you have no energy?

Life is so busy these days, that there are times when you just dont have enough energy. Its time to make some small changes to get your energy back.

Here are some reasons why you might be tired:

Lack of sleep 
Too much sleep
Sleep disturbances
Lack of regular exercise
Poor diet 

To get your energy back try these:

1. The first thing your body needs is sleep. At least 8 hours of sleep is needed for a adult.

2. Eat for energy. Eat breakfast every day to start yourself off with an energy source. Drink plenty of water. Try to eat protein with each meal. Don't overeat, it can increase your fatigue.

3. Exercise, even just ten minutes, can ease stress and relieves muscle tension. It's best to try for thirty or more minutes, but even just ten minutes is better than none at all.

4. Take a multi - vitamin, unless you are eating a wide variety of fruit and vegetables regularly, your body will benefit from taking a multi-vitamin. The B vitamins help production and use of energy, so make sure you look out for Vitamin B in your vitamins.

I have been trying to remember to eat breakfast everyday. The mornings are the busiest, as I am trying to get my two children ready in the morning, so I tend to skip breakfast. But now that I am making that extra effort to eat breakfast, I find that it does give me more energy for the day. I always take a multi vitamin and Vitamin B which has definitely made a difference for me.

What do you do to get energy?

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