Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to be inspired?

There will be many moments in your life where you will feel inspired. You might see something, or hear something or read something and you will think WOW. It gets you thinking how you can make things happen for yourself, be creative, do what you have longed to do.

The world we live in has many depressing and negative things going on. But it takes courage, willpower and creativity to think positive. Think what inspires you?

For me at the moment it inspires me to be able to do something that will help someone else. That will encourage them, that will give them hope, that will give them knowledge.

Being able to learn something new also inspires me. There is so much that we can learn, if only there was enough hours in the day to be able to keep up with everything, but I find hope and inspiration knowing that I can learn more and more. No matter what it is whether it is a skill, or a fact that I learnt, it inspires me.

Looking out at the beach, watching the view inspires me.

Thinking about what inspires you, gives you a goal. It gives you a positive and constructive passion to grasp to what it is you want to achieve. The more you try to strive toward that goal, the more positive a person you will become. It can be something small, or something big, no matter what strive to achieve your goal.

Tell me what inspires you?


Carly {Creator of We Heart Life} said...

This may sound weird but positive comments/emails/tweets about We Heart Life inspires me. Tenfold.

The boyfriend inspires me. My mum inspires me.

A blog post can inspire me too.

And lastly, children inspire me.

DanniiBeauty said...

@Carly - thats fantastic! Its not weird at all, when you put your heart and soul into your blog, its great to get positive comments/emails/tweets, its what keeps you going! You should be very proud of yourself!

miss *kris said...

I want to learn sign language.

Learning about language & culture really inspires me.

Thanks so much for this post. It was inspiring :)

Annika said...

Great post! My loved ones inspire me, nature and the little cute things in life inspire me. Have a lovely day!

sreelekha said...

your posts are really inspiring.keep it up.

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