Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Private Stylist

I have always wandered how good it would be to have your own stylist. Someone who can tell me what would look good on me and what suits my body type. There are many emerging online stylists these days and a fantastic one I found is My Private Stylist. Once you pay a fee of $89 AUD, you complete a few questions about yourself, and it will give you a detailed guide on what is best suited to your body type. Its brilliant!

My Private Stylist is so easy to use and it gives you personalised recommendations for any type of clothing.

Click on the clothing type and it gives you a picture of what is right for your body and a personal overview for styles that suit you.

My PrivateStylist tells you exactly what to wear for your body type, what looks good on you and how to wear clothes and accessories.

We all want to wear the right clothes for our body type, so My Private Stylist is perfect to give you the right styles that will suit you. It will save you time and money as you will know exactly what you need to buy.
It goes through and tells you what is the most best style in dresses, skirts, coats, pants, shoes, swimmear and so much more.

My Private Stylist even helps you to coordinate your clothes, advises what fabric textures to choose and avoid, and how to select and wear patterns. The clothing styles are classified as great, good, and what to avoid.

So if you want to know how to wear clothes for your body type and get a detailed, accurate clothing and accessory recommendations, all from the convenience of your own home, then definitely try My Private Stylist. Its fantastic!

How do you find what style clothing suits you best?


Toni Tralala said...

This is so innovative! I like how everything is so easy nowadays. :)

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mandstar87 said...

I personally would not pay a fee for that service, considering most of it can be found on the Internet for free if you use the right keywords.

Anonymous said...

oohhh! This does sound soo good so me thinks after xmas i might give my private stylist a try:-)
Thanks Dannii xxx


This is sooo cool, i wanna check this out:-)

Irene said...

Wow I love that! Need to try it.
Thanks for following my blog and commenting:)

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