Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunscreen is a must! Check out the Banana Boat range.

Its summer here in Australia and the sun is definitely hot. Sunscreen is a must for everyone no matter what the weather, but more so when the temperature is rising and the sun is getting hotter.

I have been using Banana Boat Sunscreen and really like it. They have such a great variety to choose from you will definitely find a sunscreen that will cater to the different protection needs of your skin.

They are affordable, easily accessible to buy and easy to use.

The sunscreen doesn't have much of a smell which is nice and its SPF 30+ which is definitely great. The formula is on the thicker side so you need to rub it in to apply. I am using the Sensitive sunscreen which is great for sensitive skin. Sometimes my skin can get irritated by some sunscreens, but this one for sensitive skin is actually quite soothing and nice.

Banana Boat also have a great Aloe Mist After Sun spray ( the green bottle on the right of the picture above) which cools and soothes overexposed skin and gives a refreshing after sun feeling of relief. I have used this on my husband who didn't use sunscreen of course and he really liked it.
Banana Boat also has a kids range of sunscreens which my kids have used and they really are great and easy to apply.

Overall, I recommend this brand for great sunscreen protection.

What sunscreen do you use?

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