Monday, December 20, 2010

You are my Future by Amanda Cole Book review

The book launch for "You are my Future" by Amanda Cole was held a few weeks ago. I wasn't able to attend, however I was sent a copy of the book, which I was eager to read.

From the moment I started reading "You are my Future", I couldn't put it down. It is very captivating and intriguing.

The story is about a girl, Sierra Field who witnesses the tragic drowning of her brother and then goes back through time to the day before it happened, to try and stop the accident. She meets a present version of herself, who is busy working, writing a book and falling in love.

Together the present and future Sierra Field try to change the events, piece their life back to the way it should be, having her brother alive, and her love life the way it should be. This story takes you on a journey and you learn so much about grief, love, family, and happiness. It really explores how far you would go to save someone you love, and what would you do if you met another version of yourself.

Amanda Cole is a talented writer, and this is a fantastic book that leaves you  inspired to do so much more with your life and to never take anything for granted. I love it!

"You are my Future" is a definite must read and I recommend it to everyone -  be sure to grab a copy and be enticed in a world of love!

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