Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fashion talk: Are you a ruffle wearer?

Recently I received a email about the latest styles at Suzanne Grae. I personally love Suzanne Grae their clothes are so wearable and great for every woman, thats just my opinion though!

So the latest styles is ruffles. Now I'm not a ruffle wearer but these styles and outfits made me think twice when I saw them.

Left: I really like this gorgeous jacket, and the ruffle top compliments it so well.

Left: This ruffle top is nice and looks stylish with the thin jacket.

What do you think? Are you a ruffle wearer?


Elle Sees said...

indeed. i loveee ruffles

Misfits Vintage said...

Not only am I a ruffle wearer but I am also a ruffle blogger - see my butt clad in red ruffled bloomers here:

I LOVE ruffles!

Sarah xxx

Makeup and Macaroons said...

I don't mind ruffles, but depends where. I like them around the neckline of a v-neck top/dress. I like the jacket in the top picture but I'm not sure of the ruffles on the top... I think it might make the waist area look bloated. I guess it depends on a person's shape as to what style would suit.


Danielle said...

oh! well if i think it looks good on me i shall wear it other wise nah not really a ruffle wearer so no:-) Gosh havn't been to Suzanne Grae in ages so i may pop in and check out what they have in a few days:-)

Tracy D said...

I like a few ruffles but I think there is such a thing as too much of a good thing :)

Trish@Show and Tell said...

Well, if I could look *that* good wearing ruffles, yeah. But sadly I don't. So no.


Kim H said...

I love ruffles. The first one I could definitely wear. The second one not so much as the ruffles would widen my body and that's s NOT what I want from a piece of clothing;)

Love them on sleeves as well.

Naturally Carol said...

I love the look of ruffles...but it depends where they are on the garment for me to wear them. Thank you for becoming my newest friend..I am now yours too!

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