Monday, January 3, 2011

How to blow dry your own hair

I dont have long hair, its just under my shoulders. I love blow drying my hair, but have found it so hard to do. However over the last few months, after trying many many times, I think I have mastered it.

This is what I found works best -

1. Wash my hair, shampoo and condition well. Prepare your hair by adding some mousse ( this is optional)

2. Put my head upside down so the air flow from the blow dryer is drying from the roots until the ends. This is the key to achieving a nice body to the hair. I dry off most of my hair until it is damp, not entirely dry.  A good hairdryer with a nozzle helps give a good result.

3. Now section off the hair about 6cm in width using hair clips, and start from the back working my way towards the front. With a big round brush, go over each section with the hairdryer. Make sure that the hair is not completly dry, if so use a water bottle to spray some water on the hair and then continue blow drying.

Practice makes perfect! It takes quite a few goes to get it right, but it can be achieved. Mine is not always perfect, but I am happy with the result.

Do you blow dry your hair at home?


Makeup and Macaroons said...

I do everything up until and including step 2, then get bored so just dry it all off, straighten my fringe and put the rest in a messy bun.

Glad this is working for you though!


Danielle said...

these tips are good to know coz i just do step 1 then yank the dryer out shake my hair etc... so will be doing steps 2 and 3 more and teaching my daughter as well :-) Thanks for that fantastic lesson i never new LOL... xxx

momof2 said...

I do blow dry my hair - otherwise it looks so drab. I found that a good hair dryer (like my hair dresser has) works wonders. I havent tried the clip way - but I will to see if I can make some improvements.


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