Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OPI 'Ali's big break' nailpolish review

I think I have found the perfect red nailpolish! I have a few different red nailpolishes, but they are too dark.

I have recently tried this OPI nailpolish called Ali's big break and I love it. Its a gorgeous light red colour and has little goldy pinky glitter in it. I applied three coats to get the perfect colour, it is a sheer colour. Two coats may be enough, but three just gave it that perfect red colour finish. This is part of the Burlesque collection that OPI released.

Hope you can see the little specs

It just looks so nice on the nails. In the light you can see the little glitters reflecting, giving it a nice light red colour to the nails. I like wearing red nailpolish especially if I am going out somewhere formal or even just if I want a elegant colour on my nails.

So if your looking for a perfect red, definitely check this one out.

Here's a video on my You Tube channel of my favourite nailpolish colours at the moment -

Do you have a favourite nailpolish colour ?

3 comments: said...

oooh that is soooo pretty! Just seen another OPI polish I want so this can go on the list too

Vikki @ Vikki-Gabrielle World Blogspot x

schmeggyroo said...

Gorgeous colour Dannii! I love red for a glam look too. My fav reds so far are from Revlon, I still have a lot of experimenting to do with OPI, Orly & Zoya fav polish of the moment is actually a cheapie, it's Purple Reign by Rimmel - gorgeous bright purple with blue shimmer!

Short nails unite! I simply cannot grow mine :S xo

Yuliya xoxo. said...

I love this color!


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