Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to apply eyeliner video

Eyeliner is one makeup product that a lot of women find hard to apply. Eyeliner is one of those things that takes practice to master, but once you get the hang of it you will love it.

A few months ago I did a post - Tips on using eyeliner. Following on from that post I wanted to make a video and show you how I apply my liquid eyeliner.

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Do you find it easy to use eyeliner? Do you use it everyday? Which eyeliner are you using?


Hannah Michelle said...

I do find it a little difficult to apply eyeliner, now that I am trying out gel liner, I just cannot seem to get the hang of it!! Pencil eyeliner is definitely my favourite on the bottom, and I love a thick line of liquid or gel on top!! :)

Sharon @ Funken Wagnel said...

Thank you for this! I find the older I get, the more crepey my eyelids are becoming, so I had given up, to be honest, on liquid eye liner. I never really got the hang of it when I was younger, either! I always seemed to do it crooked or mismatching. But, having watched this, you've made me want to give it another go, as your way looks nice and easy:)

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