Friday, March 18, 2011

Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2011 - Loreal Paris Runway 4

The Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival 2011 continues. (You can check out yesterdays post and video if you missed it about the Loreal Paris Runway 1.)

Its been great watching the styles and designers showcase the most creative and gorgeous fashion.

Loreal Hair director Brad Ngata showcased casual elegance for hair at Loreal Paris Runway 4.
“The motivation was to create a wearable look that was clean, natural, and feminine essentially a style that could be translated at home” said Brad. The look is so easy, it literally is a hairstyle you can do after you shower, throw you hair back into a chic bun with minimal effort and maximum impact.

The steps taken to achieve this look are:
1. Apply hairspray to blow dryed hair in vertical stripes to create a rough finish.
2. Use a water spray to soften the hair, creating a slight wet look and encourage texture.
3. Use fingers to pull the hair straight back from the crown and pin sides of the hair at the nape of the
neck, creating a condensed messy bun. Secure with an elastic.
4. Apply a second layer of hairspray once again in vertical rows to set the look.

Here is a video of the Backstage at Runway 4.

Do you like this look?
What have you enjoyed the most about LMFF?

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Torkona said...

I will use these tips to improve my male pattern baldness (when it happens if it hasnt already)

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