Friday, March 4, 2011

LR Aloe Vera Extra Freshness Tooth Gel review

Do you want a gorgeous clean smile?  I think everyone does! I have tried lots of different toothpastes to get my teeth sparkling clean.

I was recently sent the Aloe Vera Extra Freshness Tooth Gel by LR Collection.

I found this very interesting that this toothpaste contains 43% Aloe Vera Gel a great ingredient, which comes in a 100ml tube.

The Aloe Vera in this tooth gel is used to thoroughly cleanse and soothe the teeth, protecting enamel.

The Echinacea extract helps guard against gum disease. This tooth gel is particularly suitable for sensitive teeth and gums as it is gentler on the teeth and gum than most toothpastes.

The packaging is simple and easy to use. The product itself is a green colour  - much like the picture on the package - and the smell is a great minty fresh. The gel lathers up really well in the mouth, which I like because it really feels like you are cleaning your teeth well. It feels comfortable and pleasant to use. It leaves your teeth feeling smooth and very clean with a minty fresh breath.

Overall a great product that I will continue to use and recommend. You can purchase the LR Aloe Vera Extra Freshness Tooth Gel online at LR Collection .

You can also 'Like' the LR company on facebook here and here to keep up dated on their great products.

Do you have a favourite toothpaste you like to use?

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Danielle said...

LOVE LR products:-) The tooth gel is awesome and i absolutely recommend these products as well!

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