Saturday, March 12, 2011

Need some encouragement?

When your feeling down or sad, you can do little things to make the day better. I have been feeling a little sad and worried lately about a few things, but things will work themselves out. Whatever your circumstances, time to think things through or make the right decision is the smartest way to deal with issues.

Give yourself time to think things through

Take time to do something fun like playing a sport, going out with friends.

Read a book

Pray to god, or talk to a friend you trust.

Watch a movie, something that will encourage and inspire you.

Do something nice for yourself, treat yourself! ( Shopping? !)

Everyday we are faced with challenges, but just know that you are awesome and that you have so much to offer. Make things happen for yourself, don't be afraid. Take the step and try, you will surprise yourself and learn so much!

What do you do to encourage yourself or someone you know?


esteeem said...

such a lovely post! i think its that time of year when people are feeling gloomy and it doesnt help that summer's not properly here!

inspiring post, i find blogging is a nice getaway too, thanks for this =)


Ms. Givens said...

Learn something new. Take a road trip.

New Outlook Fitness said...

I love giving someone a truthful compliment. It always brightens their day and mine!

Michelle said...

yes, such a lovely post. There are some great new studies where the results show that if you are teaching your mind new positive beliefs or thoughts - that when you combine that with physical activity the results are far higher and longer lasting. Interesting hey.

Smilie girl said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling a little blue. Hope things are looking up.
I like your list. All great things.
A hug is also a good thing to make you feel better.
Or a kind word can brighten your day.

Teli said...

Me, i usually sit down, take a deep breath, and think of me as if im the 'other' person..'what will be the best advice to give to her(me)?" :)

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