Monday, March 7, 2011

Six Shopping Tips: How to shop for beauty products?

When you are shopping for beauty products, you will find  that there is so much to choose from that it can be overwhelming. I sometimes get asked where I shop?, how do I know what to buy? and how much I spend?.
Its a bit hard to answer those questions because there are so many factors that need to be considered. So here are my tips on how to shop for makeup and beauty products:

1. Do your homework - With technology being so advanced these days, you can find out a lot of information about most products. There are so many reviews on so many great sites. Google is my best friend when it comes to finding information about a product. You Tube is great as well. I have a You Tube channel  - DanniiBeauty - where I do product reviews and there are so many great beauty blogs. So if you want to know about a product before buying do your homework and find out what others think about the product through their reviews.

2. Be sure to look around - Looking around at all the different brands ensures that you choose the right product for you and not just buy the first thing you saw. For example at Priceline there are at least 10-12 different makeup brands. If your looking for a blush and you find one you like take it with you and compare it to the other brands alongside it. Test it out and see what it feels like and looks like. If buying skin products always look for products that will suit your skin type.

3. Sales - Most of the time (99%) I buy my beauty and makeup products when they are on sale. There is always a sale on somewhere whether that be at the supermarket, department store, beauty stores or online websites. I have a list of things I want to try or have read a great review and think it will suit me and then when I see it on sale I buy it. Of course there are times when I buy products at full price but it would be because I desperately need it like a cleanser.

4. Try something new - If your new to using makeup, or always stick to the same products, I'd encourage you to try something new. It definitely is great when you find a product that works really well and you stick to it, but sometimes there may be something better out there. Of course this would be for low end products as they are reasonably priced. For example if you like a certain lipstick colour in a certain brand, try looking for a similar colour but in a different brand. Or even go for a darker or lighter colour than you would normally buy - its a great way to try new things.

5. Samples - when buying high end products I always get samples first. If I am going to spend $80 on a moisturiser I want to know if it will work on my skin first before spending so much money. So I will get a sample first which usually will last about 5-7 days which is enough time to establish if it suits my skin and if it works well. Usually Myer or David Jones are great places to go and ask for samples at the counters.

6. Learn makeup techniques - If you want to know how to apply foundation or eyeshadow there are so many great resources to find this information. Myer or David Jones have makeup artists at there countere who will be able to show you how to apply your makeup. They are a great resource to ask questions. There are also some great makeup artists on You Tube that show you how to apply makeup.

Do you have any tips to share about shopping for beauty products?

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Tracy D said...

Some great tips, especially to look for sales. The sales are so frequent and so great that it only makes sense!

PopBlush said...

Great tips!
Thanks for sharing!

1940house said...

The Myer and David Jones checkouts area great. If you are shy like me and don't want to go up and ask for products but buy something from a certain brand they usually give you a sample of a product to take home too.

Mei Mei said...

awesome tips! People have to remember to have some common sense when you purchase anything... loved this!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome tips x

Ling Tung said...

Thanks for the great tips Dannii. And I totally agree that it's best to try samples of high end skincare products before making the big purchase.

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

My tip would be to be wary of 90% of the sellers on eBay claiming to have genuine products! Sometimes the knock-offs will do the job, but if you're in my line of work (makeup artist) you really can't afford to be paying good money for second-rate stuff!

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