Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JAWS cleaning product review

I love using my Ajax spray n wipe to clean the kitchen bench. Its powerful and cleans really well. Recently I was sent a cleaning product called JAWS - Just add water system the multi purpose cleaner.

The concept behind this product is that it is better for the environment and that you reuse the bottle over and over saving you money.

JAWS formulas are non-toxic, phosphate-free and bio-degradable.

Once you buy the spray bottle and cartridge, you add water to the empty bottle up to the fill line. Then you insert the cartridge into the top of the bottle and screw the sprayer back onto the bottle. Now its ready to use.

I've been using this product quite a bit and find that it does do a good job of cleaning minor spills or cleanups. I do feel that I need to spray more of the product to get the result I want.

Here's what JAWS say:  The Just Add Water System helps you make a real difference, right where you live. Each cleaner is super-concentrated to work hard on your toughest household tasks, yet kinder to the environment than other cleaners. Using JAWS cleaners helps reduce plastic waste, conserve resources and saves you money, time and space. It’s a win-win situation - all over the house.

JAWS are available at Woolworths supermarkets for $6.99aud for the ready to use bottle and one cartridge. Once your ready to buy cartridges only, you get two in a pack for $5.99aud.

What is your favourite cleaning product?

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