Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kids love Bega Stringers cheese

Who loves cheese? I have always loved cheese even as a kid I would eat any cheese. However its a different story with my seven year old. He doesn't like cheese, he says "its too cheesy".  Um thats what cheese is suppose to taste like! It is so hard to reason with a seven year old so when Bega contacted me to ask if I wanted to review the Bega Stringers, I was happy to give it a go. Anything to get my seven year old to eat cheese.

Bega stringers are made from all natural mozzarella cheese. Sounds yummy, here is the pack that was sent to us.

So what did my seven year old think? "These are cool mum and taste yummy" He really likes them, the swiss were his favourite. My one year old, loves that she can hold it in her hand and eat it by herself. Its a great and easy snack for a toddler to have.
There are three flavours original, swiss and cheddar cheese. As they are made with natural mozarella cheese they have 37% less fat. They are the top selling kid's cheese snack range in Australia and were launched ten years ago. An excellent source of calcium for growing kids.

Secretly I love these too. They are so handy and a great snack for adults too. I really like the cheddar flavour. Shhh don't tell the kids!

Do you like cheese? Do your children like cheese?


Nav said...

Good call on adult snacking. I will try next time i go buy grocery shopping :) thanks for the idea!! xo

emmabovary said...

OOh yum, think I'll grab these for myself next time I grocery shop=)

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