Friday, April 22, 2011

Ten things I love about winter

I love winter, it is my favourite season. As winter is fast approaching here in Australia, I wanted to reflect on ten things I like about winter.

I love winter accessories such as gloves, woollen scarfes, and beanies
My favourite winter fashion piece is jackets
Love fireplaces, so warm and watching the fire is a relaxing
Hot chocolates to keep me warm
Love my mocossans
Bring out the doonas and snuggle up
Wearing hoodies
Hot chips and gravy
Bring out the boots, so comfortable
Going to the snow, I love the mountain scenery

What do you love about winter?


Roanna said...

my favourite winter things are definitely boots and sweaters to layer layer layer...but I'm also happy that we are entering Spring where I am at the moment...
That said, I'm already making a list of things I might like to invest in next winter!

Angela said...

I ADORE Winter fashion! Chunky scarves and beanies are my life. lol

Aside from that, I love both snuggling at home in the cold and being out and walking around on a cold and windy day. And hot beverages taste even better in Wintertime. ;)

SimplyHeather said...

I love all this about Winter also. But I couldn't imagine winter being this time of year. I live in the United States and our Winter is around Christmas, although I live in Florida so it's still hot. But I still couldn't imagine it not being then.

Tracy D said...

It's so funny to read this as we are in the middle of spring here. I love the fall & winter too but we've just had too much of it this year & I'm anxious to put away all those things you just mentioned ;)

Vintage Makeup said...

I agree!

I love jackets :)

Kim H said...

I LOOOOOOOVE winter, Dannii! Love the fire, hot chocolates, hot tea, marshmallows on sticks on the fire, frosty mornings, early nights, layers to hide the...layers {hhmmm}, jackets, working in the garden without getting too hot, walks any time of the day, bare branches, winter bulbs, stews and goulash and sour cream, pumpkin much to love. Thanks so much for sharing xx

DanniiBeauty said...

@Kim H - Love your list too! Yes the frosty mornings are beautiful..

emma-isabella said...

Love it!

Please visit my blog <3

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

I am such a winter person. Scarves, boots, cups of tea mmmmmmm toasty warm!

MissDMarie said...

Hot Chocolate and pretty scarves are my favorite things about winter... especially hot white chocolate yum!

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