Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tips on how to achieve your goals

To achieve your goals it takes focus, drive and determination. So many times we can get frustrated when we are not achieving what we wanted and then give up. When this happens, don't give up, but rather step back and reassess your goals. Give yourself time to go over your goals and how you are going to acheive them. A goal can be big or small.

Here are some tips to achieving your goal:

1. Make sure you have a actual goal - When thinking of a goal, think what it is that YOU want to achieve? Is this what YOU are passionate about? Is this what YOU want and you are not influenced by anyone else?  For example your goal is to read a novel or write a article.

2. Be realistic -  Make sure the goal you are setting is realistic. You have to be able to achieve this goal, so don't set a goal that cannot be achieved. Think it through carefully. For example trying to read a novel in two days is not realistic, reading a novel in a month is realistic.

3. Can you keep track of how you are going? - When thinking of setting a goal you need to give yourself something to measure your progress by to be able to keep track of how you are going. Your goal needs to be really specific about what it is and how you are going to achieve it. For example I am going to eat well, is something you can't measure. I am going to have two fruits and one vegetable everyday is measurable.

4. Timeframe -  You need to have a timeframe of when you are going to achieve your goal. A timeframe allows you to see how you are progressing and you can stay motivated knowing exactly where you are at with your goal.

Setting goals can be a daunting experience because it means you have to change what you have been doing so far and be accountable to achieve your goals. Its easy to get sidetracked and then you think 'oh well there is always next year'. Don't let this happen, be determined to achieve what you want. YOU are the only person that can make things happen. Do it for you, do it because it makes you happy.

Remember anything is possible if YOU make it happen!

Do you set goals for yourself? What do you do, to get back on track?


PlanningQueen said...

I am a firm believer in setting goals. I have set both personal and blogging goals for the last couple of years and they have really helped me achieve some of my dreams.

I think it is also important to have a regular mechanism for checking your progress, to keep yourself accountable.

Jadegrrrl said...

Great post, I'm pretty driven myself in ways so this is a great reminder tool :)

Mumma's Mini Me's - Kym said...

Great post Dannii. I believe in small achievable goals too, when you look back you will find you have come so far!

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