Thursday, April 7, 2011

Translucent pressed powder by SAVVY by DB

I just had to share this review because this is a product that I first purchased and tried about ten years ago and still reach for at times. It is the Translucent pressed powder by Savvy by DB. The packaging has changed since I first bought it but the product is the same.

All the Savvy by DB products are relatively cheap, usually under ten dollars aud.

Its a plastic round compact easy to open. I pat this powder on my face with a manicare powder puff. Its translucent so it won't give you more colour but it will set your foundation well. I do use more of it than I would of more expensive powders but it does a pretty good job at setting my foundation.

This is great for anyone just starting out in makeup, or if you don't use much powder or if you want a affordable powder.

It retails for $4.95 aud and is available in Priceline. Savvy by DB have great eyeshadows that I use and like, will do a review on them too for you.

Here is a video I did - Savvy by DB overview -

What face powder do you use?


Vintage Makeup said...

Sounds nice, I'm glad your reviews are so short, I can't read long reviews! :)

DanniiBeauty said...

@Vintage Makeup - I'm glad you like my reviews, I do like to keep to the point and making it as easiest as possible to read! Thanks for your comment.

Silver Garrison said...

I think you are probably the first blogger I have read to review Savvy by DB. I remember when I first tried the range a few years ago, I loved that it was a simple and affordable makeup line. I still use their double colour eyeshadow compact on the run.
It's because of Savvy, that I found my love for FOA, hehe..
Great review, I've only tried Savvy's loose powder but the pressed seems handy too :)

DanniiBeauty said...

@Silver Garrison - Thanks for your coment. I have been using this powder on and off for over ten years. I love the eyeshadow duos as well. I couldn't find any reviews about Savvy by DB so I thought I would start! I'm going to be doing more reviews on their products soon as well as videos - stay tuned!

Candice said...

It's so nice to see a review on a Savvy product! Thanks so much!

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