Thursday, May 12, 2011

Activance with rhodandine Hair Stimulant review

When it comes to hair products I can never get enough. I have tried heaps of hair products and there are only a few that actually work for me. So when I received the Activance with rhodandine Hair Stimulant I was excited to try it. My hair is fine, damaged from colouring and dry. So I really need all the hair help I can get.

This is what Activance say: Activance is the only stabilised and patented formula on the market that delivers nature's vital nutrient, Rhodanide, straight to your hair. As rhodanide is essential to forming the bonds that strengthen, nurture, and protect your hair, Activance with Rhodanide helps to make your hair thicker, shinier, stronger, and more vibrant. Even better, it helps to stimulate hair growth by lengthening the hair cycle and reducing hair loss.

Activance is a 200ml spray bottle, good size and easy to use. The texture is a clear product that is non sticky and the smell is pleasant. Once I wash my hair and towel dry, I shake the bottle and spray it in my hair. I have shoulder length hair so I spray about 4-5 sprays (instead of the 8-10sprays as per the bottle) I then just run my fingers through my hair to spread it and leave it in, style as per usual. It is easy to comb through.

After using this the first time, an immediate result I found was my hair wasn't dry. As I used it everyday I saw more differences in my hair. No more dry hair, not much hair loss, a lot more strength and volume to my hair. I've been using for over four weeks now and it really is fantastic, the results are visible. This is excellent to use to improve overall hair quality as well.

I really like this product and recommend it for anyone that is needing more moisture, volume, strength, or shine in their hair. If you feel like your hair is stressed or have hair loss this would be good to try to improve the quality of your hair.

Activance retails for $55aud for 200ml bottle or $26aud for the 80ml bottle and can be purchased from Activance online or an Activance stockists usually hair salons.

Do you have hair products that you love to use?


Vintage Makeup said...

This sounds like a product I need to try! I'm not very high maintenance when it comes to hair so I just use whatever. :)

Di from Max The Unicorn said...

That sounds great! I definitely would love some more volume and strangth in my fine hair :)

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