Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Last week I attended a blogger brunch thanks to Connect2mums  - a great online community  - who sent me as their ambassador. It was a very well organised event thanks to Kids Business, Room to grow and Kleenex mums. It took place in the morning at a play centre, which was great for those of us who have little children to look after during the day. There was also a babysitting service Speed Babysitting to look after the children.

The morning started with six very inspiring, talented women that spoke about their stories, passion, challenges and successes they have had. They are business women, bloggers, book writers and inspirational speakers. (Nicole AveryBronny Fallens, Catherine Cervasio, Alli Price, Amanda Cox and Renee Mayne) It was so motivating and inspiring listening to people you don't know, but have so much in common with and see their work online all the time.

It was fantastic to meet so many great bloggers, that I follow and read their blogs - and now to see them in person was absolutely inspiring.

Then we had brands that came along and set up stalls so that we bloggers could walk around and learn a bit more about the brands and what they have to offer. The brands that were there: Playskool,  Alphie,  Megabrands, Little tikes, Zapfcreation, Zimbler, Bruder, Disney live, Pink Poppy, Angus&Coote.

All brands had fantastic products that they showcased and its great that brands are getting on board with bloggers and events. I am a huge fan of working with brands, as you can tell I love reviewing and sharing my thoughts on products. I cannot afford to buy everything out there in the shopping world ( I wish I could!) so its great that brands want to work with bloggers who can give an honest opinion on what they thought. There were some great products that I got to take home and share with my children that I will review in the next few weeks.

Do you attend blog meetups? What do you like about them?


themodernparent said...

That was my first one and I loved it...so definately looking forward to some more! Hope to get to chat at the next one :)

info said...

Hey Dannii! Thanks for coming and for your post. Look forward to hearing your thoughts about the companies involved and Bruder, Little Tikes, Pink Poppy, Disney On Ice, Hasbro itmes, Mega Bloks... See you at the next one

Glowless @ Where's My Glow said...

I love attending blog meet ups, meeting people that I feel I already know, there is that instant connection.
There was no way I could raise enough cash or get sponsorship in time to get from Perth to Melbourne to attend this, would have loved to.

Pink Poppy Girl said...

Hi Dannii, Pink Poppy here. We were thrilled to be involved and meet so many amazing mums. We know lots of them are already Pink Poppy lovers, but it's always nice to meet new ones. Cheers Therese

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