Monday, May 23, 2011

You are beautiful, yes you are!

Do you suffer from low self esteem? Do you wake up in the morning dreading the day? Feel like nobody appreciates you? Feeling unloved? Feeling your not good enough? Struggle to make friends?

Self esteem is about valuing who you are and believing in yourself and what you can do, that is what matters the most. You and how you feel about yourself is what will increase your self esteem.

Our self esteem is affected by the way others treat us  - as it affects how you feel about yourself. Someone that is putting you down, gives you negative comments like 'your clothes are ugly' or 'you can't do that' or 'your not beautfiul' will make you feel down and less confident about your self.

Many people have times when they feel bad about themselves - but that is when it is time to start thinking positive. Be happy about the good things that are in your life. People who have high self esteem are happy with who they are and make the most of being fun and are full of life, caring about themselves and others.
So talk to yourself about how you want high self esteem into your life and think that you can do it, because you can. You need to be your own best friend. Treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend.

No one is born with self esteem. Self esteem is influenced by our family, friends, workmates, environment but it us up to you to recognise negative thoughts and influences and get rid of them.

 To maintain a healthy self esteem remember these points:
  • You are beautiful inside and out
  • You are a very important and worthwhile person  - don't compare yourself, you are unique.
  • If you are different, it doesn't matter - we can't all be exactly the same, accept yourself for who you are.
  • It is up to you to have your own feelings, opinions and friends - don't be someone you are not.
  • You are not alone, there are others who have been in a similar way and have made it through, you can too.
  • You deserve the best, you deserve love and you deserve respect, strive for it.
At some point in life we have all suffered from low self esteem. But achieving high self esteem is something that needs to be worked on and can be achieved. Make small changes and focus on yourself because you deserve to have high self esteem.

What helps you to achieve high self esteem?


Naturally Carol said...

Thank you Dannii for such an uplifting positive post today!

yellowsocks94 said...

Simply wonderful :) Thankyou <3

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! I have always struggled with self esteem issues and I find it helps to remember every compliment you receive.

Vintage Makeup said...

This is an inspiring post!

Marusya V said...

Agree, high self esteem is important! it drives your success... if you don't believe in yourself no one will believe in you. I wish, at difficult times all of us would remember how wonderful each of us are :)
Great post, Dannii!

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