Monday, June 6, 2011

10 tips on how to be organised

Ever since I can remember I have been a organised person. In school I had everything categorised and ready to go everyday. As an adult, my diary and calendar are my best friends. I just have to write everything down so I don't forget.

There have been many times though, no matter how much I try to be organised - things can get a little out of control. I go back to my list of general tips on how to be organised here it is:

1. Shopping online for groceries saves me time and money. It takes away the stress of going out to do the shopping when sometimes I just don't have the time.

2. I buy in bulk whenever there are sales - on grocery items, household goods or kids clothing.

3. Keep a fridge notebook on the fridge and write on it things you need to remember or do - its a great reminder.

4. Cleaning a cupboard or room per week, helps to keep on top of the clutter that may accumulate.

5. I always make sure I have washed the dishes before going to bed. Its just easier to wake up to a clean sink, after breakfast the dishes pile up again, so it helps to keep dirty dishes to a minimum.

6. I have a organised filing system, where I keep all our bills, statements etc..... I also have a emergency folder where I keep birth certificates, house insurance, bank account numbers etc in case there is a emergency evacuation.

7. I have a garbage bag that I keep in my walk in wardrobe and as I find clothes that don't fit or don't want anymore I put them straight in there and take it to the second hand shop.

8. I always plan the clothes I am going to wear for the next day the night before. That way I am not spending too much time in the morning trying to work out what to wear and possibly risk being late, which has happended before!

9. I have three separate baskets in the laundry, one for whites, one for coloured and one for towels. This way I am not spending time sorting through them as they are already sorted.

10. Clean as you go - this is my motto that I have the whole family working on. If we use something we put it back where it belongs. Or if the kids have been playing and leave things  - we pack them up before going to bed.

So apart from these tips, my phone calendar is great to set alarms for certain events or things I need to do to remind myself. I think being organised is something you can never know too much about, there is always something new to learn.

Tell me what are your tips to be organised? Do you do any of these things too?


Donna said...

These are very valuable tips, and a great reminder for someone like me who USED to be organised but feels as if I am failing miserably at the moment at it. I'll definitely be taking on board your wise words x

Ms Styling You said...

Great tips! I rely in the whole family to add to my fridge list.

Vintage Makeup said...

Really helpful! I always try to keep my makeup organised

Tracy D said...

I love organization posts, some really great tips thanks!

Ling said...

Great tips for someone like me who is Ms VERY Disorganised. I have no tips whatsoever!!!

CRAP Mamma said...

Really great tips Dannii, I use a few of these but I like the idea of the one room/cupboard a week. It might give me some motivation to get through the rubbish we've collected in our cupboards

jennymous said...

Great tips! I do the online grocery shop, the phone reminders, buying in bulk and used to do the filing system and wish I did the clean as you go!

I think I will try the clean one thing a week, small steps!

Maria V said...

I like the idea of fridge notebook!!! All tips are super useful! It was surprising to find out how similar we are, Dannii:) I have baskets, boxes and dirty dishes is a BIG no-no. Can not stand chaos & mess!

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