Thursday, June 23, 2011

Four Beauty Tips

Being a beauty enthusiast that I am, the one thing I love is learning about beauty tips. There are so many that are really good and can help make things easier when it comes to beauty.

So these four are my tried and tested beauty tips that I love and have been using for years that I wanted to share.

1. Eyebrows- To get them to stay put, I get a comb (normal or eyebrow comb) spray it with hairspray and then comb the eyebrow. The hairspray helps the eyebrows stay put all day.

2. Lips - After applying lipstick to my lips, I apply lipgloss to the centre of the lips only, top and bottom. This gives my lips a fuller look.

3. Underarms - I exfoliate my underarms once a week, with a gentle exfoliator and exfoliating glove. Makes my skin smooth and gentle. Great if you have dry skin

4. Skin - Drinking warm water with lemon in the mornings I find does make a difference to my skin overall.

So those are a few of my beauty tips, there will be more to come soon.

Do you have some beauty tips that you like?


Marusya V said...

Warm water with lemon is really makes a difference!
other tips are great too.

My tip is a little bit funny but it works! to make your eyes shine, place soaked and cooled black tea bags on eye lids for 5 mins:)

Vintage Makeup said...

Thanks for sharing! :) I'll have to try the eyebrow trick!

Melody of Beauty said...

Number 3 is new and definitely gonna try it out. Thank you!


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