Monday, June 27, 2011

How to be inspired?

The one question that a lot of us ask ourselves is How to be inspired?

When things are not looking so good, when it feels like there is no escape or it feels like its all too much, remember - there is always a way to make things right. When you hit rock bottom the only way is to get back up.

I love each and every morning. It is a new day - a day of possibilities and a day that will bring something new. Wake up each morning ready to face the day, ready to conquer whatever it is that the day will bring because each day is a new day!

Here a few things that help inspire me - some are easy to do and some require effort.

Read inspirational books
Watch inspirational movies
Watch the sunset or sunrise
Think about what you are grateful for in your life
Take a walk in beautiful nature surroundings
Watch your children play, they are so free and joyful living in the present
Surround yourself with inspirational people that will make you laugh and be happy
Listen to music and be free to dance
Surround yourself with photos of happy things/moments.
Find pictures from magazines that will lift your spirit and give you hope.
Go to the beach and watch the water, let it set your mind free
Light a scented candle and watch the fire light your room and create a beautiful smelling surrounding
Write down what you want to achieve your dreams, seeing them will inspire you to work towards them

Tell me what you do to feel inspired?


Sunny & Star said...

I haven't been feeling very inspired lately so I am definitely making note of your suggestions.

sammy said...

These are great Danni.

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