Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Join the Dermalogica FITE campaign today and make a difference

I was invited to a Dermalogica event a few weeks ago and learnt so much about the fantastic FITE campaign (FITE = Financial Independence Through Entrepreunership) a campaign that is helping women in developing countries start or grow a business.

Being a entrepeneur myself, I know how hard it is to start your own business. Money is definitely a significant part in helping a business grow. The FITE campaign is providing women access to micro loans that vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand and empowers women to achieve their goals, dreams and support their families. They have to pay the money back and it is then used to fund another loan for another woman and so on.

So the way it works is when you purchase a Dermalogica product - from the five chosen products that are Dermalogica's most popular, there will be a code attached to the box that needs to be redeemed on the FITE website. The code represents $1 of what you spent on the product that is going to go towards funding a loan for a woman. You will choose the country that you want the money to go to and the type of entrepeneur. Once the money is lent to a woman you get an email telling you who it went to and what she will use the money for. It truly is a fantastic campaign that really is touching so many great women.

What an exciting and life changing campaign to be a part of. The next time you buy a Dermalogica product look at the five selected products for the FITE campaign and if you make a purchase redeem your code and make a difference to women around the world.

Check out the FITE website for more information. Let's help women to achieve their dreams!

I will be reviewing some Dermalogica products I have tried soon.

Do you use Dermalogica products? Would you support a campaign like this?

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