Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lux Exotic Oil Infusion Body Wash review

I love a good body wash, something that will help my skin feel sparkling!

I have never used Lux body washes, so I picked this one up a few months ago at Priceline. The Lux Exotic Oil Infusion body wash, that comes in a handy bottle with flip top lid, easy to grip and love the packaging, purple is one of my favourite colours.

The entire Lux range is 100% soap free and produces a pH balanced skin cleansing lather.

Lux says: Live an exotic life with Lux Exotic Oil Infusion Body Wash. With a fusion of Moroccan oil extracts this body wash may help you infuse that exotic feel into every day.

This has a absolutely gorgeous smell of moroccan exotic extracts, that leaves the skin smelling really good. The scent will linger on the skin too which is relaxing. The exotic oil formula has extracts of anise and cumin oils.

I use all my body washes with a exfoliating glove. The texture of the body is a soft creamy coloured wash. This body wash feels like it is deep cleaning the skin, as it has little exfoliating bits in it and makes the skin feel soft and moisturised. It gives the skin a feeling of being refreshed and relaxed.

This is a great body wash if you want soft, moisturised and great smelling skin. There are a variety of Lux body washes to choose from.

The Lux Exotic Oil Infusion Body Wash is a 400ml bottle that retails for $5.50 aud, available in supermarkets.

Do you use Body Washes? Do you have a favourite?


Vintage Makeup said...

I'll have to try this!

Carol Clifford said...

This was my all time favourite Body Was from Lux and then all of a sudden the discontinued it - I wonder why as it seemed very popular - I just loved the perfume of it.

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