Friday, June 10, 2011

Red Nose Day – 24th June 2011 - Show your support!

Red Nose Day is coming up on Friday 24th June 2011. Through Red Nose Day, SIDS and Kids are helping to save lives of future babies and children.

Nine children under the age of four die suddenly and unexpectedly everyday in Australia from a range of causes including sleeping accidents, drowning, motor vehicle accidents, sudden onset illness, SIDS and stillbirth.

SIDS and Kids offers anyone affected by the death of a baby or child free 24-hour bereavement support services. They also provide safe sleeping education for mums, dads, grandparents, carers and the like to reduce the occurrence of SIDS and other fatal sleeping accidents.

SIDS and Kids needs your help so stick on a red nose, slap on a smile and be silly for a serious cause this June!

There are lots of ways to help support this great cause.

Buy Red Nose Day products from retail partners

Hold your own fundraising event and easily receive donations through the donation page

Find more great fundraising ideas here

Donate direct -

Buy product online at to see what’s on offer!
Keep up to date with all things Red Nose Day via facebook and twitter.

I personally like to support charities like Red Nose day, as it really does make a difference in many peoples lives. My children love to buy Red Nose products, knowing that they too are helping other children. Any way that you can get involved will help someone!

Do you support charities like this one? Have you bought a red nose for red nose day before?

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Louisa said...

Oh Dannii, these statistics are scary. Thanks for the reminder. We bought a red nose the other week but will make sure to do something to support them again this week. Scary.

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